Saturday, June 27, 2009


Remember this little jewel from our daily calendar activities this past year? Well, it's toast now.

It became rather annoying to moi' this past year. As a matter of fact, after looking back at the previous post, I had not yet even created this laminated sheet and we were posting today's date on the white board. What a pain. It was a good thing to get the girls to write out the day's date but it was really becoming a pain for EVERYONE. And since I'm an Industrial Engineer in a previous life I'm all about streamlining. So without further ado, let me present our lovely inexpensive alternative.

Now, you may ask yourself, "How, pray tell, did she make this oh so lovely perpetual calendar?" Or you may have already figured it out in your sheer brilliance. Either way, I will reveal my secret ingredients....building blocks and a Sharpie. Oh, I was trying to make it difficult and was going to get some rub on letters. But I think if you've read much on my posts, you'll agree that Ms. Cheapo didn't want to pay a lot for this muffler. Plus I kind of like the more imperfect, handwritten look. Here are some more views:

I used a total of 6 rectangular blocks and 6 cubed blocks. You may argue that I could have used only 2 cubes and presented the date in a 2 digit combo format, however me being a wee-teency bit anal coupled with the fact that this IS for EDUCATIONAL purposes, I wanted to make sure I had the comma between the number date and the year so I opted to put each number date (1-31) on a total of 6 blocks.
The extras will be stored here:

The bottom drawer holds all of our wall calendar tags (as well as my beloved plasti-tak).

Let me know if you make one. I'd love to see your version!!!!