Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Stuff

This morning I ran across this little book. It was my dear Mom's when she was teaching. It has a ton of worksheets that are blank so you can fill them in with whatever you're covering. This way I can give Miss Priss and Lil Bit the same page but tailor it to their needs.

Also yesterday when we went out of our neighborhood we noticed a lot of cars and I told the girls I bet they were filming a movie or something. Well, just this morning I got an email about it from our neighborhood yahoo list. Apparently Will Ferrell's company is producing a show for HBO and they needed a typical suburban home. Isn't that speeecial?!? Attention neighborhood!!!! Weirdos a-little-too-close-for-comfort.

The girls have been taking an art class and she is basing her classes for the month of October on the book, The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. The girls have been doing watercolor paintings of a desert sky and with teepees and indians. We should know what desert sunsets look like. Well, today we made haystacks for them to take to their little class. She is such a sweet lady and so nice to the girls. Its a nice little break for Mommy too.

Lil Bit has been learning to stand on her head. It is bordering on obsession. She does it all the time. Even with her burned hand she was trying to stand on her head. I even caught her outside on the concrete doing it one day. Well, she has mastered it to say the least and she can hold it for a good long time now and even change-up her positions.

Going to go get ready to take the gals to art class and guess what Mommy gets to do? Clean!!! Woohoo!!!! Well, at least it won't get messed up as soon as I clean it - at least not until they're back from art class!!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Much To Say

Today we went over long a and what makes the sound. I (with the help of PBS' Between The Lions) made up this little poster. (What is up with my scanning ability here?!?) Anyway...

I plan to post in the classroom and am going to make more for more vowel sounds. The "e" is the "magic e" hence the magician's wand and hat. I made him up myself. Can you just tell? The girls were so sweet and told me what a good artist I was. I think its called copying. Anyway, after a while Lil Bit brought me this:
She said she just copied mine. Well, now that sounds familiar. Huh?

After we got back from gymnastics this was where the girls spent their silent reading time today. Ah...the joys of homeschooling. What a beautiful fall day to spend outside reading.

And speaking of fall....Happy Fall y'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

After fighting the urge for sometime I have officially entered the world of blogging, now. This ought to be interesting....more to come.