Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Much To Say

Today we went over long a and what makes the sound. I (with the help of PBS' Between The Lions) made up this little poster. (What is up with my scanning ability here?!?) Anyway...

I plan to post in the classroom and am going to make more for more vowel sounds. The "e" is the "magic e" hence the magician's wand and hat. I made him up myself. Can you just tell? The girls were so sweet and told me what a good artist I was. I think its called copying. Anyway, after a while Lil Bit brought me this:
She said she just copied mine. Well, now that sounds familiar. Huh?

After we got back from gymnastics this was where the girls spent their silent reading time today. Ah...the joys of homeschooling. What a beautiful fall day to spend outside reading.

And speaking of fall....Happy Fall y'all!

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