Thursday, May 14, 2009

A daily Fix

My sister has had me on the lookout when I've been out shopping or on my yard sale expeditions to find the Bible on cd for her. I just happened to be reading this gal's blog and clicked on her link to this:

It is amazing. Yes I know - my husband tells me that word is grossly overused - but in this case it is perfectly fitting. Brian Hardin is wonderful. His Christian love and faith is so evident through his readings. My sister gave me the idea to download and listen at night before bed. I'll have to say, it is the perfect delivery to relax you before nodding off. I beg you to try just might like it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do I HAAAVE to color the whole thing?

Heavens, no. Pastel it.

Oh goodie!!!

Signs o' Spring

This is where I'm at in my gardening career: work with what the good Lord gives you. These little gems thrive in our Zone 8 gardening world with minimal water needs and the deer don't seem to bother them. So I try to plant them in mass. My lantana hasn't started blooming yet but that's another keeper. Isn't God good to give us such variety?



Scabiosa (or Pincushion flower)

Siberian Iris
(blooms all summer long)