Friday, November 6, 2009

Call Today about Healthcare Reform

I usually try to keep my posts light but I feel like this is warranted. 

I just called my local Representative's (D) office and this is roughly what I told the young lady...  (I went under the advice to make it personal, serious and heartfelt).

I told him what city I lived in and that I am a homeschooler and we spend a lot of time studying history in our schooling.  What is going on in this country right now is unprecedented and is frightening.  I also told her that I was not an activist and have never really been involved in politics but if he votes for the health care bill, I and my husband will spend inordinate amounts of time and money to make sure that he does not go back to Washington.

I also asked her to assure me that this message would be delivered in full to him.

Just a reminder in case you feel led to call your Rep.  The vote is tomorrow.   You can find your Representative's contact information here:

pass it along

Monday, November 2, 2009


Cans are good.  Yes, cans are very, very good things especially for storage.  And you can even make them shabby chic and pleasing to your eye.  Plus you can impress all of your liberal friends by telling them that you are the "greenest of green".  Actually, I do not like the idea of filling up our landfills but I don't like the idea of someone making huge amounts of money off of my raw goods (trash, recyclables, etc...) and charge me exorbitant rates to pick it up it in the process. But that is another blog entry.

You can use them to store things like paint brushes, colored pencils....

 You likey the finish?  Remember the previous post about the American Light Buttermilk and gold stippling over that?  That's what it is...easy as pie!

Q-tips (for art projects)

Pliers and Rulers...hey!  those rulers aren't trash!!!  Guess I better change my tag.

But workbox tags?  Cans are not so good!

Hence my solution?  A clear notebook style case that I got several years ago on Target's Dollar Spot.  (I'm getting my money's worth out of that bulk supply of velcro dots dontcha think?)


And look how nicely it stores on the shelf.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

After all of our colonial studies and travels this year it is only fitting that the girls would want to be Colonial girls for Halloween.  And thanks to their fairy GRANDmother the wish that they wished came true.


Details, details...


All of the neighbor kids...


Thanks for all your hard work Mom (Meme)!  We love you!!!