Friday, September 18, 2009

Pack Pride

Thanks to my wonderful and generous sister (Auntie A) and brother-in-law (Uncle Fun) we get to see NCSU football games in a really cool way.

Tailgating: a thing of the past

Bring it on "all-you-can-eat-brownies"

Uncle Fun

This makes my heart go pitter patter

Moon Over Murphy

This is where Mommy and the girls usually end up (especially during the night games) although Ms. Priss is really getting into the games and probably knows more about what is going on than her Mother does. (refer to my pretty pictures of the moon and the marching band :-)

Here is Little Bit posing in front of one of the camera guys (who I might add was having technical difficulties). No lie, I actually saw him leave and come back with - get this - a hammer, of all things, to "attempt" to fix the camera with. I'm no film-school expert but I'm gonna say a hammer aint gonna fix camera problems, buddy.


There's nothing like Breakfast at Big Ed's in Raleigh.

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