Monday, December 7, 2009

Car Schooling

My mother recently advised me to get out and do my grocery shopping first thing in the morning since it is less crowded, the store shelves are usually better stocked and my girls aren't tired and cantankerous.  I usually resist because it seems to throw our days off kilter missing out on those prime learning hours.  However this morning we did just that and went shopping for some needed groceries.

So anyway on the way home Lil Bit was chattering away something about the word "too" and quizzing Ms. Priss on how it was spelled.  And it hit me!  I told one girl to use one of the three -  "two", "too", or "to" words in a sentence and the other had to spell it correctly.  I was to be the official judge.  They LOVED it.  Language Lessons for the day - check...fine'...done.  Score one for Mom!  I'm thinking you could take a lot of ideas out of the PLL (Primary Language Lessons) book and use them in this way.

Learning that is fun and efficient too.  Woohoo!!!


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That's a great idea! We just recently had that lesson, too. Love that book.