Monday, August 23, 2010

How do you Do(odle)?

Why must I feel the need to share my life story in every post?  Dunno but here goes nuthin...

Some of you may recall I have talked about my dear, dear hubby taking a short term job out of state a few years ago.  I won't share ed zackery where it was but it was not a "destination" locale that's for sure.  Dry, dusty, desert is the name of the game and I'm used to coastal, fertile soil.  Not 'dem parts.  Not only was it dry, dusty and deserty (is that a word?) but it was also rural.  Very rural.  Pickins was slim for things to do.  So, one day while shopping in the lovely local Wal Mart, I picked up a copy of an obscure little magazine, Homegrown Hospitality.  Immediately I was hooked, snagged up that little jewel of a magazine and went home and visited the editor's blog.  Lawsy me!  I had hit the mother ship.  Stephanie's blog just blew me away and I couldn't get enough of her doodles and cute stuff.

Well, recently she announced an online class she is offering, Doodle 101 Twenty Ten.  This is the first week and lookee what I did. 

Stephanie, if you happen to read this.  I do read your blog.  I know about your aversion to pink, but I'm sorry "pink, it's my favorite crayon" so my very first letter had to be in pink.

Ms. Priss saw me retreat from the classroom wielding 2 pink markers and immediately wanted in on whatever "action" was taking place...  Can I just say that makes my heart want to sing...  So I said, "C'mon in honey-bun."

I was amazed at how easy it actually was.  Especially after Stephanie broke it down into the little steps but most importantly stressed to us to let go of perfectionism and crooked lines were OK.  (BTW, I copied some of Ms. Priss' doodle ideas...I know I am a ruthless, unscrupulous mother)  But...that's beside the point.  Here's my finished product:

I am not 100% sure but I believe there may still be openings in the class.  NAYY.  If you do decide to take it let me know.


Judy said...

I LOVE your "Ginger" doodle!!! I am taking the class too!! GREAT job on your work...I have lots of practicing to do!!! :0) Judy

Tricia said...

Ginger, I'm coming out of stalking mode...been following your blog for the last year. We began our homeschooling journey last year and also use MFW. Anyways, I saw this post about doodles and signed up for the class last night after dinner. I've already done 10+ complete names or verses...this is so addicting and FUN! Thanks for sharing the info!

Tracy said...

Hi Ginger! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment :-) I LOVE to doodle and I love your "Ginger" doodle and your girl's "Apple" doodle. If I could make the time I would take the class. I came up with my own "doodle" way of writing several years ago and your post reminds me that I should get back into doodle mode because it is oh so fun and relaxing!
I hope your school year has started out great :)
Have a blessed weekend!

Tracy said...

This looks like fun! I thought I was following your blog already, but when I got onto it, it looks like I haven't been following. I'm confused . Anyway, just stopping in to say "hi". Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I love this post..and Ms. Priss and the fact that you love the color pink!!!!! (and my little R.I.P magazine)

Joyce said...

Hey! Just stopped by to tell you I have passed on the "I Do...Love your blog award." Check it out here

K-tribe said...

I haven't stopped by in forever! This is so cute!
I will have to follow you. You were one of the first blogs I found when I entered this crazy blog world! :)