Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Sheets

I love Rocks in my dryer's blog and this is my first Works for Me Wednesday post.

This daily sheet works for me. Thanks to the advice of my Mom and some evolution of the sheet I think I have finally settled on this creation. It allows the girls to have a little independence with their work and it saves my sanity at the same time. Its a win-win-win situation. Maybe we could even make it into a t-shirt. ;-)

I originally did this in publisher (my favorite for creating stuff like this) but dear friend of mine couldn't open it so I have resaved as a .ppt (power point) file.

Daily Sheet Template

If I need to help them or oversee something I try to write it on there. At one time I was trying to write things in red that they needed to see me about. That didn't last too long because I can't always be found wielding BOTH a red and black pen.

I love Discovery Ed for their clip art. Mark A. Hicks does all the illustrations for the clip art. Isn't his stuff great?

And oh...if you're wondering what Marcy Cook Math is. WE THINK MARCY COOK ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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