Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mini Office and Photo Book mania

Ok...I have lost my mind. I have been going crazy with this mini book idea. I LOVE them. I first kind of stumbled upon them here. I had always liked the idea of notebooking but this, this mini office idea, I tell you, is sheer genius. I need one for me!!!! Just google "mini offices" and maybe "lapbooking" and you'll find a plethora of information. My favorite little discovery in all of this is Mr. Gallon Man. Isn't he darling? Where have you been all my life Mr. Gallon Man?!?

OK...the next thing I am CRAAAAAZY about these days is photo books. Thanks in part to my new homeschooler Mom friend. She showed me one she recently did and I was so "imprised" (Lil Bit-ese). I just uploaded a buuunch of photos to Walgreens mainly in part because I got an email and they were running a special for only $0.10 a print and Ms. Oh-so-cheapo is always on the prowl for a deal. Anyway, after having TONS of pictures printed (and I do mean TONS - it has been years since I've had any printed) I decided to give the little book a go around and it was soooo easy. I've tried Snapfish's and Mpix's software but it always seemed so cumbersome. For whatever reason this worked for me. I think Mpix and Snapfish's may be a little more design friendly but sometimes I like it in the box. Right there in the center of the box. All those nice little square lines around me give me that peaceful easy feeling.

I'll post pix of the mini offices asap.

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