Sunday, March 7, 2010


I recently received an email notifying me of a MSNBC (or MSLSD as Mark Levin refers to them) poll.  The title of the email read, "Should Homeschoolers be Allowed to be Taught Truth: Vote!".  I find the word "truth" here to be ironic.
Homeschoolers (in our state and many other states) are free to use any curriculum they choose - and that even includes "unschooling".  Which, in my humble opinion, is as it should be.  Our society has slowly and scarily drifted from "parent knows best" to "big brother knows best".  It is funny that this poll refers to "homeschool textbooks", too.  I am of the belief that "textbooks" are a big part of our societal ills, anyway.  I am a huge fan of Charlotte Mason.  She was a turn of the century teacher and advocate of early homeschoolers in England when, politically, much the same thing was happening there as is now in the US.  Her philosophy was that the mind is a living entity that needs to be fed, not a container to be filled.  She advocated the use of "living books" - books that inspire the reader, feed the mind, and spark the imagination. Rather than a textbook feeding "information" that came from some arbitrary source, the information in these books is presented by the character (or the author) as a person that is personally attached to the information.  Information presented in this manner, she contends, will leave one wanting more information, being personally connected to it.  Therefore, we tend to use many living books - not textbooks - in our homeschool and the Bible is the mack Daddy of living books.  

Now as for Creationism vs. Evolution....I don't apologize for being a young earth believer.  I believe that the Bible was written as a historical narrative.  A science text?  No.  An accurate historical account?  Yes - that is corroborated by many other secular historical records.  I believe when we start doubting the validity or accurateness of the Bible we get into some murky water.  Some people may call me a dumb Christian.  I look at it as, "Why should I reinvent the wheel?".  We have learned and studied a lot (not so much recently though, for whatever reason) on Creationism vs. Evolution.  There is a series of children's adventure audios, Jonathon Park, that my girls literally eat up.  Another book I would urge you to read is Ruth Beechick's, Genesis:  Finding Our Roots.  This book answered MANY questions I had and she has such a depth of knowledge and research on this subject matter.  For instance, in the book she talks about dinosaurs.  Genesis mentions the word "dragon" which many believe was synonymous to dinosaur.   However many people have never seen this reference, because they read the English translation and the word "dragon" is only in the Hebrew text.   When the Bible was translated into English (by King James) the word dragon was translated to "large beast".  Well, the largest beast the English knew of at the time was a whale.  Hence "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind; and God saw that it was good." (Gen. 1:21).  And there are many more references to dragons throughout the OT.  Anyway, it is things like that throughout that book that convinced me and my simple little mind that I don't need to go there.  I think evolutionists have cleverly crafted and packaged their little "bit".  I am saddened that there are so many people out there that have turned their backs to the Biblical truths, though.  The thing that frightens me though is that this is a societal change (as evidenced by the poll results when I voted were about 2/3 voting "No").  I can try to teach my children truth but the fact is they ARE going to be influenced some by societal thinking.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


AMY said...

You are so right about people trying to change the Word of God, becoming a huge problem!! I am amazed that so many "christians" still believe in evolution to some extent.
I love the Charlotte Mason approach too!! We do MFW and LOVE it!!
If you ever get a chance to go to the Creation Museum (in Kentucky) I HIGHLY recommend it!! (They even have a movie about the "dragons" you mentioned!

Anonymous said...

take care yourself!! ^^ ........................................

Sheri said...

You had to ask heh? We are currently on the Darwin chpt of the Apologia Biology. Young earth-yes, creationism-yes. Coming from a glob of goo to a chimp to human? Absolutely not. Yes-the bible references large beasts several times-Job explains it best when he says it's tail is like a large cedar! That is not an elephant-nor is it a rhino or any other large beast we have round today. A cedar tree is very thick-Marco Polo wrote about seeing critters that were very close to the T-Rex...and that was only a few 100 years ago~
I just bought the 3 pack of Answers 1,2,and 3 from Answers in Genesis-covers all of this..great reference.

We do CM method too-great approach for everyone-including mom! :)

A local radio dude-Bob Dutko, has a lot of info on this that you can buy...he has the 10 ten proofs and has a thing about dinos (I believe)...over on his site:
I love listening to him every day...esp. when he chats dinos.

Have a great one!