Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Favorite Things 3 & 4

A new revelation I've had is these magazine files from Staples.  Staples is proud of these little puppies.  But they're oh-so worth it.

First let me show you this:

Nice, but a bit messy and unweildy and UNLABELED.  These are all of my foreign language materials. (They're sitting there on the shelf without a magazine file because I haven't gotten one to put these books in yet).  See how they're just kind of hanging out in the bookshelf and there are even some smaller books that are trying their darndest to wedge themselves in the back of that bookshelf?  They are bookshelf deviants.  Bad, bad books.  I just heard John Rosemand speak about disciplining kids..."Kids are bad." Hence they need controls and limitations - boundaries, so to speak.

Well, enter exhibit A.  Staples' magazine file holders (except mine are in the lovely clear variety....available in the stores but apparently not online).

Language Arts and Geography all grouped nice and neatly and I intend for them to stay that way.  I drive a hard bargain in my house.

See here...the items I use "Everyday" - nice, neat, and compactly stowed.  Order is a beeeeeautiful thing.

Do you see the inferior predecessor to this lovely design?

While still nice and functional...they just don't cut the mustard.  See how tall the fronts are?  Retrieving items from these types of racks is a pain in the you-know-what.

And finally all of this leads me to one of my all time favorite tools (for applications that extend well beyond our homeschool realm), my label maker.  I use it everywhere in my house.

If you don't think labels will make your life better just bet me.  And I aint a bettin' kind of girl.


Shannon said...

Love those magazine files. I have the ones that go all the way up & they are a pain. Might have to look into these!

Mama Jenn said...

I think this may be my first time commenting on your blog, but not my first time reading! :-) I love my label maker as well! I could really use some of those magazine files!!! I am also one who "thrives" off of order! :-)