Sunday, May 9, 2010

I met P-dub!!!

Good friends are like bras...close to your heart and there for support.  That's who Susan is.  She is a friend that you can call up and pick up with right where you left off.  She was a friend of my husband's before we met and then we became friends.  She graciously allowed me to live with her when I moved to a city where I knew nothing and nobody.  She introduced me to some of the best shopping and food places in the city.  And ~10 years later...because we both have the same strange obsession (and no that's not sweater sets)....she got both of us VIP tickets to be one of the first in line to see P-dub at her book signing. 

P-dub was so funny, warm and friendly that night.  I know she must see a zillion fans and she is truthfully probably SICK of people.  But she treated us with warmth and friendliness.  AND that night I (like the idiot I am) learned what spanks are and I do believe I'm gonna have to get me some.  And Susan also introduced me to the coolest stuff ( Mercy and Knock Knock) at the bookstore.  Believe I'll have to invest in some of these too that is right after I buy my spanks.  I have my priorities...

I hope you have good friends like I have in Susan and I hope you can find a way to let them know they're special to you.  Thanks, Susan!  Now, stop talking Ging.


Caryn said...

Those cards are classic! That type of thing is my B&M book store kryptonite. At Amazon, I buy books. If I go to a book store, I come home with all kinds of nifty little doo-dahs like that!
Glad you had a good time - good friends are so soothing to the soul :)

Isabel said...

How cool! What a neat experience and what a great friend you have. I'm laughing about the Spanks! :)