Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Make-Up Must-Haves

Rene at Cottage and Vine recently posted her five favorite cosmetics and asked us to post what five items we would pack in our overnight bag.  If you know me, you know I have an opinion.

#1.  I was so happy to see Cetaphil on Rene's list.  She had the lotion but I can't live without the cleanser.  Years ago I read Paula Begoun's book Don't Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me and Cetaphil cleanser was one of her top picks.  I have used it ever since.  I buy it at Sam's or Costco in bulk and my girls use it to bathe with as well.  Paula even claimed that if you need a little exfoliating action that you can mix in a little baking soda with the cleanser.  I have done that in the past when I actually cared to exfoliate.  These days I am doing good just to wash my face.  I did not know however that the lotion would smooth your hair, so.
 #2 If Cetaphil's cleanser makes my list then their moisturizer must be deemed 2nd place.  I have never had any complexion problems using their moisturizer and it is relatively inexpensive especially when compared to department store brands.  I especially like that they now have their moisturizer in spf 50.
#3.  OK...its all about the hygiene.  Because if I'm going anywhere overnight I'm gonna have my toothbrush.  Beauty will just have to wait.  I love these toothbrushes and I couldn't live without my plain Colgate toothpaste (none of those whiteners, total care etc... for me) with their oh-so-luxurious patented flip top.  Can these 2 items technically count as 1?!?  And oh yes, I forgot to mention my Reach flosser.  I probably wouldn't floss every day if it weren't for this baby.  The way I figure it is if you think the flossers are pricey, try having a cavity filled because you didn't floss.  I'll guarantee the flossers will run you a little less.
#4  Now we get into the "beautimous" segment.  I'll have to pick, hands down, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.  I love this foundation.  It is so quick and easy to apply and since I tend to have slightly oily skin it does a great job of minimizing that.  They also offer a huge variety of shades/colors.  If you go to their site, sign up for their emails because they're always doing free shipping.  However, the first time I recommend you go to a department store so that you can make sure you get the right shade because I'm not kidding when I say it comes in a HUGE variety of shades.

#5  Since I have long eyelashes I will forgo the mascara and stick with accentuating my lips.  How does the saying go?  "Just put on a little lipstick.  You'll be fine."  I love these Palladio retractable waterproof pencils (by the way I use their eyeliner too).  I get these at Ulta.  I hate it when the wooden encased pencils get worn down and while you're applying it the jagged edge of the wood tears into your lips (or eyes) like Excalibur's sword.  Lots of times I will use this lip liner to fill in my lips completely and just smooth it all out with a little gloss.  Heidi Swapp said on her blog (of all places) to wear gloss in a photograph that it would make you look 10 times better.  Who couldn't use looking 10x better?  I have also heard to pick the perfect shade of lipstick - match the lipstick to your tongue.  It doesn't have to be the same color as your tongue just the same shade.  Because nothing is worse than your lips entering the room 10 minutes before you get there.

So that's it.  My beauty must-haves.  Now, if I could just do something with my hair...


Rene @ cottage and vine said...

The rest of us are only wishing we had long eyelashes, LOL. Isn't cetaphil the best? I must try that exfoliating tip.

Thanks for linking your five faves!


Jess Craig said...

i guess a toothbrush would make sense. that's gross that i didn't even think of that.

One Cheap B*tch said...

I have to try those pencils. Unfortunately, I think my eye cream makes my eye liner smudge and although I love Clinique, I'm up for something new!


Jennifer said...

Hi there. This is out of sequence, but I wanted to let you know that we are using your Bingo idea that you posted a couple of weeks ago. We love it! It's been great for keeping the kids entertained with good things to do! Thanks again for sharing! I really enjoy your posts!