Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Journal

I told you I would post about our family journal.  We've only written a few pages so far.  But so far so good.  Our Summer Bingo sheets are really helping us stay on task in that regard. 

Here is the notebook I decided on.  I was with a friend in Barnes & Noble and we happened upon these in their bargain book section.  I snagged it up because it is all about what looks good in Mommy's living room, now isn't it?!?

It may say $17.99 but if you know anything about me you know I NEVER pay retail.  I believe this little baby was only around five bucks.

Now, here's the segway.  A couple of years ago my husband took a job out of state in a wretched awful place that was dry, dusty, and windy.  Dry is ok.  Dusty - I'm used to inside my home.  Windy - fine at the beach (well not really - since that experience I have come to realize that I detest the wind).  But, I digress.  Combine all three of those elements while residing in a 2nd floor apartment?  You're looking at some unhappy campers.  Not to mention there was NO shopping in this little neck of the woods.  So, we spent a lot of time at the library.  And luckily that place was a gem.  We happened to find a little book there called Dilly's Big Sister Diary.

It was such a cute little book, I decided to hunt it down and buy it , I believe on Amazon.  The concept of doodling and journaling comes to life in this book.  Dilly is a big sister expecting a new baby brother and her mother buys her a journal to write down all of her thoughts.

It really is a cute little book.  Some parts make me want to cringe (just a little) but all in all it is a cute story.

I think there are some similar American Girl books in this style too but I am usually a little stand-offish from most American Girl material.  Anyway, here are some samplings of our entries...nothing much other than just chronicling our daily lives.  I usually try to date the entries because I know the girls usually won't.  And oh yes, I like to make sure to include pictures.  Can you tell that from my blog?

It is ordinarily (I say ordinarily like we've been doing this for years) just light conversation back and forth between us.  We may or may not talk about what we've written.  Most of the time that is the fun of it - not talking about it and reading what someone else has written.

It is living history in the making.  Do this today.  Like the Nike commercial says, "Just do it".  Make it a habit.  You will not regret this.  Years later you will be so glad you did.  I know it.

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Terra said...

Super cute idea!