Monday, October 19, 2009

Brunswick Town

Our trip to Brunswick Town was another great thing! Founded in 1726 this was North Carolina's capital until Governor Tryon built Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC in 1770. The girls' only cousin (their age) was able to go to this with us.

Here are a few games that colonial children played.

Marbles (made out of clay)


Bilboquette and cup & ball

Jacobs' Ladder...they were all mesmerized by this.

Here they are making butter. How cool is that? Those of you that are doing MFW Adventures know that this couldn't be more fitting. I don't believe that the JIF containers were exactly "period".

This one is, though

He explained about all of the different types of cooking and eating utensils. Anything that was ceramic was called "Sad-ware" because if it fell it usually broke on the brick floors. They usually used wooden bowls (like the one he is pointing at) to avoid them being broken. We actually got one of these from my husband's grandmother. I don't know HOW old it is but I think it is neat to realize why it was preferred.

Here he is showing us the types of forks and knives that were used. The knife was very broad (and I don't believe very sharp) because they actually ate off of it instead of the fork.

This man was dressed as a British Loyalist that recruited for the royal army. Here he is showing a replica of Colonial currency.

The girls got to make their own hand dipped candles.

The final product

And then we got in our air conditioned car and drove home!


Isabel said...

You guys have had some great adventures. How fortunate you are to live in such a wonderful place. That's it! We're moving!!! Your photos, your girls...adorable. What a perfect supplement to the curriculum.
:) Isabel

Mozer said...

Love all your American history ideas and field trips. We're studying that time period too. I've featured your blog on:

hisacorn said...

Awesome! Hey, did you get my reply? I'm so glad we finally got it together!