Monday, October 19, 2009


Where does the time go? I am finally getting around to posting some of our many field trip photos.

We did Jamestown's Homeschool days. Jamestown was wonderful. Homeschool days...well it was probably our tour guide...but let's just say it could've been better. Here are some photo highlights. To keep from going on and on...and seeming like I am complaining ad nauseam...who me?!? one bit of advice is if YOU ever go with your family...skip the tour and go at your own pace especially if you've read much at all about Jamestown.

This fellar told us all about the artillery used on ships back in the early 1600's and even showed some different types of ammunition. My, we've come a long way in that regard.

A shipmate

This lady showed us how indians burned and carved logs to make their canoes. My heavens, makes me thankful for the nearest Lowe's and their supply of power tools.

And here's what it looked like when we were all through. Just kidding. It took them weeks to carve this in real life.

The Blacksmith making one of MANY nails. He told us that was the primary job for the Blacksmith since they needed so many of them to build the houses.

Indian basket weaving...

A Wigwam

Inside the Wigwam

Grinding corn into meal...

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