Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MFW Adventures

Yay!!! I just got my package from Ms. Cuddles with the Adventures in My Father's World curriculum. I am SO excited to do this curriculum this year. I think the thing that excites me the most is the fact that everything is already planned for me. (No thinking - my brain is frazzled). I was going to copy the timeline cards but I didn't really have it "in me" to color all of those graphics so I decided to google some graphics. I thought I'd share the first page I've completed. As I finish the rest I will post. Happy Adventures!

MFW Adventures Timeline Pieces


Anonymous said...

Your timeline pieces are just gorgeous! Each of my girls has a timeline notebook and these would be great to use for MFW Exp-1850 also :)

I'm so glad that you shared your blog!

I'll be inspired by your ideas!

Jolanthe said...

they look great - I'm twittering about them. :)

email me back because I have a question about your 'butler' bag! :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you again so much for sharing this idea. I just googled all the figures for Exp-1850 and now we have some really beautiful color figures for our timeline notebooks.

I need to get into bed, it's really late here but had to come back and say, "Thank you!"


Mommy K said...

I googled some timeline pieces, too, but these are great! Thanks for posting!

I am recording our adventures with MFW this year and have added quite a few things. We are on week 3, so check out my blog as you come to each week and get some different ideas!! That's what this blog community is for! I'd be happy to share.

kelbel said...

dumb question....but it seems like in the TM, there are many icons for the timeline. are these pictures only for a couple of them, how will i use both? or are they for time periods.

Julie said...

help please:) I have tried to print these wonderful pieces, but it only prints some; Jesus is Born; New Heaven and New Earth and Christopher Columbus. What am I doing wrong?