Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Timeline - check

I finished an accordian style timeline that we will use for our history studies this year. I don't have much wall space and I wanted something that could be folded and put away easily. This is what I decided on.

Since most of the history we will study this year is American History and ranges from the 1400's to present day, I used one piece of cardstock for each century from 1400 to 2000. I was pretty bothered with the timeline not being "to scale" but oh well. Otherwise, we would have had a timeline that stretched A---L---L around our house.

Part of the other reason I used one page per century on this timeline is because when we're done this year, I wanted to be able to cut it apart insert the completed pages in our Book of Centuries, which I've not used to date and plan to use when the girls are a little older. I read somewhere that conceptually it was harder for children to understand dates and times in a book. That is why I put the timeline with the current century highlited in red up at the top. But for now I will follow the "rules" and do a full fledged timeline. If you're interested and want the publisher file for the Book of Centuries just leave a comment with your email and I will email it to you. I can't upload that one to Scrib'd because it is a Publisher file. Sigh...

Back to the it is all nice and neatly folded, ready to go for our first day next Monday!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your ideas are so inspiring! We have used the timeline notebooks, too!

If you need help with your publisher file, I can covert it into a pdf file for you and email it back so that you can share it a little easier.

I look forward to reading more ideas!

Dampf HomeSchool said...

I would love to have the file for the time line, I love how it looks!

Isabel said...

I love your timeline. My Adventures just arrived today and I love seeing what you're doing. I would really like to make a timeline like yours. Is that part of the Adventures curriculum? I haven't looked through it yet; still looking at the MFWK I received too.
Thanks and I'm looking forward to following your blog. I'm new at homeschooling and MFW.
:) Isabel

Jolanthe said...

There's a great free program called cute pdf that will 'print' your file as a pdf for you. I create all of my files in publisher too and then convert it to a pdf to upload to scribd. :) It's a lovely program, it is!

You can email me if you have any questions about it.

kelbel said...

Ok seriously----I LOVE THIS BLOG. I have several friends who are doing MFW-A also, and they are hooked as well. We made flag binders yesterday, thanks for the idea.
Now, I'd like to see what you were talking about the Book Of said you could email it to me??
ANd PLEASE give me some directions on how you measured and what size paper you used to make the timeline. I want to make what I see on you blog...and not guess teh measurements.
Kep it comin' sista' It's INSPIRING>
PS--I can't believe your school room. It is something to envy! :)